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The Company's colorful recreational activities at home and abroad

Release Time:2017-9-11 9:16:02

May is a dynamic and colorful season, and the company's domestic and overseas organizations held a variety of recreational activities in this lively season.
On the eve of May Day, the company started a spring walking fitness competition, and more than 100 employees in Weihai participated in the competition.
Congo (Brazzaville) Zhengwei held fun games in Mpila school indoor stadium , to celebrate the 51th labor day in lively form. More than 50 employees took part in 10 events, including darts, happy bowling, three legged feet, and crab dribbling. 
Equatorial Guinea, Zhengwei held poetry recital competition in Bata base on 7th, May to commemorate the  98th anniversary of "May 4th" movement, it showed the youth and vitality of the company staff. 

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