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DRC Prime Minister and WB Representatives Inspected OZONE Water Project

Release Time:2021-11-17 11:03:08

On the afternoon of November 11, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, H.E. SAMA LUKONDE KYENGE and the World Bank delegation made an inspection visit to the OZONE Water Project. 

The Prime Minister and his delegation made an inspection visit to the construction site of the water treatment plant and listened to the introduction of the project by the owner and relevant government departments. The visitors expressed satisfaction at the construction progress, site environment, safety, exceptional construction management, high morale and follow-up work node arrangements. They also gave high praise to the dedication of all participants involved in the construction for hardworking and overcoming difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic

Prime Minister H.E. SAMA LUKONDE KYENGE (R3) and his delegation were inspecting the project.

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