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BCEAO National Director and His Delegation Visited CORIS Bank Project in Burkina Faso

Release Time:2021-11-17 10:55:35

BCEAO National Director and His Delegation Visited the Office Building Project of CORIS Bank in Burkina Faso

        On the morning of October 6, Mr. KI-ZERBO, the National Director of Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) in Burkina Faso, shown by Mr. OUATTARAthe General Manager of CORIS Bank (the owner), came to the construction site of CORIS Bank office building in Burkina Faso. After listening to the briefing by the owners representative, supervising party and the project team, the delegation, accompanied by Wu Zhixin, the project team leader, visited the construction site.
The project of CORIS Bank office building contains one floor underground and 15 floors above ground. Currently the project team is carrying out the main construction of typical floors. The project team has overcome many difficulties such as shortage of personnel, equipment and materials during the pandemic and taken multiple measures such as reasonably formulating the schedule, boldly arranging local management personnel to participate in site managementsigning progress agreementwith Chinese construction workers and adopting the short-section contracting mode among local workers. These measures have greatly improved construction efficiency. According to the current progress, the completion time of the main structure is expected to be one month ahead of the time required by the supervising party.

        The visitors gave high praise to the progress and quality of the project, fully affirming the strength of the company. The General Manager of the owner said that priority will be given to the company to contract projects of the CORIS Bank in the future. 

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